Do I need to register my rental units? 
All privately owned dwelling units not occupied by the property owner must be registered even if the unit:

  • is vacant,

  • is occupied by a relative who is 18 years of age and not on the deed, and

  • you are not collecting any rent.

Example: Three family house - the property owner does not register the unit they live in but she/he does have to register the other two units. Because the building is owner-occupied and has six or fewer units, all three units are exempt from the inspection section..

I need to register what must I do? 

  • Register rental units on an annual basis at

  • Provide contact information and the number of units owned at each address registered

  • Pay a fee per unit.$25 initial fee or $15 renewal fee

  • Contract with a Boston based agent if owners is outside of Massachusetts

  • Attest and affirm that you will abide by all rules and regulations as it pertains to state and local city regulations.

NOTE: Fees are capped at $2500 maximum per building; and $5000 maximum per complex (2 or more buildings on same parcel)

What happens if I do not register? 
Non-compliant owners will be subject to a fine of $300 per month and assessed 1 point in the 'Chronic Offender' point system for non-compliance.

I have registered what is next?  
The City of Boston will inform you when it is time for your dwelling to be inspected.  You could be required to be inspected in 2014 or future years.

Who can inspect rental properties?

  • Privately owned properties - ABI INSPECTOR or ISD Inspector

  • Problem Properties/Chronic Offenders - ISD Inspector

  • Federal, State or City government owned units - Exempt

  • Owner occupied dwellings with six (6) or fewer rental units - Exempt

Why are ABI inspectors qualified to conduct these inspections? 
All of ABI’s inspectors are Commonwealth of Massachusetts Certified Home Inspector that have demonstrated a proficiency in the application of the State Sanitary Code by satisfactorily completing the ISD certificate program and have been issued a certificate of completion. 

Why do property owners choose an ABI inspector over an ISD inspector?

  • ABI inspectors work for their client not the city

  • Flexible scheduling on Weekdays and Weekends

  • Ability to get enhanced reports with pictures (add. fee)

  • Quick turnaround