Who can inspect rental properties?

  • Privately owned properties - ABI INSPECTOR or ISD Inspector

  • Problem Properties/Chronic Offenders - ISD Inspector

  • Federal, State or City government owned units - Exempt

  • Owner occupied dwellings with six (6) or fewer rental units - Exempt


How do I choose a ABI Inspector?

The City of Boston will send you a Notice of Selection Letter. Once you receive this letter you have 30 days to make a selection on how you will complying with the inspection requirement. To select ABI, you would choose the 3rd option that states the following:

  • Engage an ISD Authorized Inspector, as defined in the City of Boston Ordinance CBC 9-1.3(a).

Once you make this selection, you must send the form back to Boston Inspectional Services by mail, fax or email. Then you would contact us to setup an inspection.


Why are ABI inspectors qualified to conduct these inspections? 
All of ABI’s inspectors are Commonwealth of Massachusetts Certified Home Inspector that have demonstrated a proficiency in the application of the State Sanitary Code by satisfactorily completing the ISD certificate program and have been issued a certificate of completion. 

Why do property owners choose an ABI inspector over an ISD inspector?

  • ABI inspectors work for their client not the city

  • Flexible scheduling on Weekdays and Weekends

  • Ability to get enhanced reports with pictures (add. fee)

  • Quick turnaround