Why would I need my rental property inspected if it is not required? 
To document the condition of the property before, during or after a tenant moves into the unit.

How is the condition of the property documented? 
This inspection will provide you with a dated computerized report with pictures of your property.  

Do I need a lawyer in this process? 

ABI advises all our clients to retain the services of a qualified real estate lawyer with expertise in landlord and tenant issues.  One law firm that we have suggested as a possible contact in your selection process is Ward and Associates.

How does a report or inspector testimony help me in court? 

The report and/or our expert testimony can provide much needed documentation that your property met Mass. Sanitary Code requirements. This can be very important if you are in housing court trying to evict a tenant. 

Why are ABI inspectors qualified to conduct these inspections? 
All of ABI’s inspectors are Commonwealth of Massachusetts Certified Home Inspector that have demonstrated a proficiency in the application of the State Sanitary Code by satisfactorily completing the ISD certificate program and have been issued a certificate of completion. 

What are the benefits of working with an ABI inspector? 
ABI inspectors work for their client not the city

  • Flexible scheduling on weekdays and weekend

  • Computerized reports with pictures

  • Expert testimony

  • Quick turnaround